About Us

We’ve been there. We were WordPress beginners once too!

WordPress Setup Steps was founded by members of the WordPress community who all shared the same experience: when we were starting out with our first WordPress websites and blogs, we wasted many hours, days, and even weeks trying to figure out how to start and who to use for web hosting, domain names, and themes.

The web hosting landscape is incredibly vast – there are thousands of web hosting companies and almost as many web hosting review sites. And for a WordPress beginner, the task of finding a premium theme can be just as daunting as finding WordPress web hosting.

Our WordPress setup guide gives those new to WordPress an easy set of starting instructions, using the best providers in the industry. You don’t need to read through pages and pages of boring and unnecessary technical articles to start a self-hosted WordPress website or blog. That is like teaching someone how to start a car by making them read the schematics of an ignition system. And, you don’t have to refer to six different articles on six different websites to get through the entire process. WordPress Setup Steps was created to give you everything you need to know to start a new WordPress website on one easy-to-follow webpage. If you need more information, each step in the process links to detailed information or check our Articles section.

The typical beginning WordPress user just wants to get affordable and reliable web hosting, get WordPress installed (and maybe a premium theme), and get down to the business of actually creating their website and content. Get past the initial stumbling block of a long, drawn-out search process for web hosting and themes by following our step by step guide. Our guide will get you to the point where you will be working in WordPress on your own site within minutes, not days. We are continually adding resources to help you develop your website, so check back often or join our email list.

We always appreciate your questions, comments, and feedback! Please drop us an email on our contact page.