How To Install WordPress In Minutes

After you have registered your own domain name and purchased a web hosting account, you now just need to install WordPress. WordPress is completely free to install and use. This process only requires you to fill out a few options and click a button – everything is taken care of for you automatically, including the installation of a MySQL database. The process takes less than 5 minutes.


Install WordPress

How To Install WordPress Using Simple Scripts
Bluehost, Just Host, FatCow, and iPageWordPress Logo

1. Login to your web hosting account’s control panel.

2. Scroll down to and select Simple Scripts (BlueHost/JustHost under Software Services, FatCow/iPage under Website)

3. Scroll down to the Blogs section and click on WordPress.

4. Under Install WordPress, click the [Install] button.

5. Under Installation Preferences, select the latest WordPress version from the drop-down.

6. Under “Where would you like WordPress installed?”, select your domain name from the drop-down.

7. Open the Advanced Options section – click the “Click here to display>” link to open.

8. In the box under “Please give your new site a name”, enter a name for your new site.

9. The default username is “Admin“. Below that, enter your password.

10. Make sure the “Automatically create a new database” option is checked (default).

11. For BlueHost/JustHost only: under Plugins and Themes, uncheck anything that is checked in this section (SmallBiz Theme, Wiziapp, etc.).

12. Under Legal Information, check the “I have read the terms…” check box.

13. Click the [Complete] button.

14. After WordPress installation completes, you will see the link to your site ( Click this link to see your new WordPress site.

15. There will also be a link to your administrator login page, which is simply your domain name with “/wp-admin” added to the end ( Enter your username (Admin) and password to get to your site’s WordPress dashboard.

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How To Login To Your New WordPress WebsiteWordPress Starter Links

  1. Open your favorite internet browser and enter your new site URL in the address bar. You should see the default WordPress page.
  2. To access the WordPress dashboard (control panel) for your new site, add /wp-admin to the end of your URL. The dashboard is where you will edit and change your website.
  3. Enter your WordPress username and password to access the Dashboard.
  4. Congratulations! You are now able to edit and publish to your new WordPress website or blog. If you want to create your website or blog essentially from “scratch”, you can start with the default theme from WordPress (pictured). Start by going through the starter links in the WordPress dashboard, which we describe in this article. OR….
  5. Go to step 3 of our guide and consider saving tons of design time by getting a premium theme.

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